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MT017: Vision Lunar - Phase One (2006-2009)
MT016: Lanterns Awake - The Unforgivable Truth Of A Broken Family, A Contemporary Piece In Two Parts
MT015: Lanterns Awake - The Times And Betrayals Of Charles Adrian Lemieure, In Two Parts
MT014: Vision √Čternel - Un automne en solitude
MT013: Vision Sufferance - Forthcoming Travels
MT012: Vision Lunar - Luna Pluvia
MT011: Gallia Fornax - Gloria Regnum
MT010: Gallia Fornax - Gallia Fornax
MT009: Vision Lunar - Luna Nebula
MT008: Vision √Čternel - Seul dans l'obsession
MT007: Vision Lunar - Luna Maria
MT006: Vision Lunar - Luna Borea
MT005: Vision Lunar - Black Moon
MT004: Vision Lunar - Lunar Sky
MT003: Vision Lunar - Vision Lunar
MT002: Vision Solitude - Vision Solitude
MT001: Vision Sufferance - Vision Sufferance

Vision √Čternel - Rehearsal November 30th, 2009
Triskalyon Promo Pack
Ethereal Beauty - Demos
Dreams of the Drowned - Demo
Havarax - Guilty Pleasures Sampler

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Mortification Records was a record label founded by Alexandre Julien in Montreal, Canada in September of 2006.
The company was initially formed to release all of the material by the bands in the Triskalyon collective.
Mortification Records shortly relocated to Edison, New Jersey, USA in 2007, but then returned to Montreal, Canada.
In 2008 Mortification Records went under hiatus after Alexandre Julien founded a new record label, Abridged Pause Recordings.
Mortification Records reformed in August of 2010 to put out a selection of limited edition releases but then folded permanently in October of 2010.
Alexandre Julien continues to operate Abridged Pause Recordings.
You may contact Mortification Records at